Member of the Congress Team of 50th ISOCARP International Planning Congress 2014 at Gdynia Poland - “Urban transformations – Cities and Water”.
Sharing knowledge as the main theme of the International Society of City and Regional Planners it is offered in its yearly congress and via its network .Multitude exchange platforms like keynote speakers, presentations and discussions in many workshops for experienced professionals and young planners distinguish the international conference.


Strategy- Samara –Tolyatti- Agglomeration development - Russia 2013
The agglomeration of the traditional city of Samara and the industrial city of Togliatty is
characterized through the outstanding landscape of the river Volga and its tributaries.
It has the potential to become a global player on the regional, the national and global
level. An integrated strategy based on the cooperation of the two cities is proposed by
the international team of experts.


Exhibition Urban Quality Enhancement - 2012
Integration of a highway running parallel to the river Neckar in Esslingen South Germany. Conception of an exhibition to gain attention of citizens and politic to enhance the urban quality of the city areas affected by visual and environmental impacts. The proposals were put forward through the Planning Board of Architects for Esslingen.